Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Mop

          The Mop                                                                     
     Red.  Imposing. 
    Scary little bugger.
   Demonic, scheming.

And I have to touch it!   And then touch other things I don’t plan to wash.  Geesh, how can something so benign scare the crud out of me?

How about this:

New movie: The Attack of the Killer Mops
Opening scene:  mops are landing everywhere. Mops of all sizes shapes and kinds.  People are panicing, running all over the place.  Then comes the Demon Mop.

Nope, can’t see that movie making much money.  Well, not unless you have a whole bunch of people like me in the theatre. 

I DID touch it yesterday.  And ate a plum afterwards.  And  i'm alive to talk about it.  But i washed after that.  Also did a thot record of it before i touched it.  And i cleaned the handle on sunday, so i KNOW there are no germies contaminating it.  But does that matter?  No.  Well, a little.  Maybe.
Reread my thot record. 
Ready, set,...stop? go? ok. now.   ok, NOW. ok. stop pressuring me!

I did it. and then i ate another plum and then started watching The magic behind the deathly Hallows, typing everything with the OTHER hand while waiting for it to be 'ok' for me to use both hands (which i'm doing now, with a whole lot of trepidation. ).  my computer doesn't FEEL contaminated, so i guess now is a good time to get ready to go swimming. 

Update.  Went swimming. On the way my bag fell onto the floor of the car.  Not a good place.  Ocd jumped at it's chance to torment me.  I picked up all the little black specks of dirt off the floor and NONE looked or felt like mice droppings. (DUH!)  And i took the bag inside the locker room,  washed my hands (well, i WAS touching the car floor), got changed and left the bag sitting on the bench.  After swimming i put it in the garbage can.  Oh well.   
I came home and was a bit leery about touching all the stuff i touched before i left, esp. my computer, but i did it and the anxious feeling went away in a short time. 


  1. Thaks for the laugh. I know OCD isn't funny, but "The Attack of the Killer Mops" is. It's a great idea.........would probably be better than most of the movies out now!

    Hmm, having trouble commenting. Will try using Anonymous.
    Janet at ocdtalk.wordpress.com

  2. Ha! I got a laugh out of that one too :-)

  3. Me too :) When compared to some of the films I have seen come out of Hollywood, I think this one might be an Oscar winner!

    It is such a positive thing when 'the anxious feeling went away in a short time' isn't it? The hard part is waiting for the feeling to go away while trying to not think about the what-ifs but, if you do manage to move on, the satisfaction is hugely rewarding.