Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I did a survey for a University in Australia that wanted to know about the effects of ocd on the family.

My husband opens and closes the door to the garage when i take out the garbage so i don't get the door knobs dirty (and also so the dogs don't race out).  It started so he could watch me as i brought the garbage bag down the stairs so i would be sure it hadn't accidently touched the wall or the railing etc.  Or i'd have to clean that spot too.  Now i'm pretty good at that and he's just there in case i need a reassurance.
 My husband put some clothes that he'd worn as he cleaned the bathroom sink into the 'regular' pile of dirty laundry.  I got upset as cleaning the bathroom means the clothes are now 'more dirty' and need to be put straight onto the washing machine so they don't contaminate the rest of the laundry in the pile.  He compromised by folding that laundry inside another shirt so i won't have to accidently touch the piece of laundry.  I'm working on not thinking that regular laundry piles are 'contaminated' dirty and i need a shower after touching them.  So i want actually dirty laundry to not be in the piles for now, until i get used to normal laundry not being contaminated and thus can touch me or a wall without me needing to wash that place or shower.  It's a work in progress.
  I also have problems with thinking raw food can cross contaminate so i asked my husband to wash his hands after putting the frozen breaded chicken strips in the oven and to not put the contaminated spatula(used to turn the chicken half way thru cooking)  on the counter top where I later make popcorn.  He wasn't impressed, but washed anyway.

husband also does a lot of the cooking, esp. when it involves raw meat because i tend to get really anxious so i'd rather not do it.  Other times he helps in the kitchen. While i am putting chicken in the pan, he may open the oven or put in some of the spices so i don't have to wash my hands first.  Things get done faster that way, and i don't use as much soap. :P