Sunday, November 06, 2011

I hate ocd.

OCD is another word for  one humiliating life.  Today's task was to clean the kitchen without having a shower.  i put it off (naturally) but finally decided to bite the bullet.  I decided to just wipe the cabinets and wash the floor. Never mind the counters or sink this time.  It was ok.  I got it done with only a minor trauma ( the bottle of windex touched my pants).  I was carrying the mop in one hand while the bucket of dirty water was in the other trying to go out the door to dump the dirty water.  The mop handle touched my hair (yuk), so i had to wash it.  I wasn't supposed to shower so i washed my hands, and my hair and rinced it off in the kitchen sink using the sprayer.  By the time i was done, the dishes, the cupboards and the floor by the sink were all wet.  And i still had to rewash the sink handle.  Then since my clothes were now wet, i had to take them off and rewash my hands and arms before i could get into my pyjamas and sit down in the living room to have a good cry.  Nice to know that a 10 yr old could do this better and with less stress than i did,- and with less mess at the end.  The bathroom hot water handle is now 'dirty' because i don't have the energy to clean that and then clean my hands again.  Just too much work.  I hate ocd.  But at least i tried to do my homework and will have plenty to talk about at my session tomorrow.   i hate ocd.  i hate ocd. i hate ocd.  i hate ocd. i hate ocd.  i hate ocd. i hate ocd. i hate ocd.  Have i made myself clear?  Just in case i didn't:  i hate ocd. i hate ocd.


  1. I hate my OCD too, as I am sure most of the other people who write their OCD blogs do too.

    I have noticed with my OCD that some days are far harder than other, even though each day isn't particularly different from the other. Hopefully tomorrow may bring with it a little reprieve from the severity of your expereinces so that you may gather your thoughts and strength to fight back harder.

    Best wishes - Remember, you're not alone.

  2. I'm getting the impression that you hate OCD :)....I hate it also as it almost cmpletely destroyed my son's life.
    I hope this week has been better for least you are fighting back!

  3. you're not alone! i've had a particularly bad day as well...i know what you mean about having the mop handle touch your hair. when a fly flies into mine i have to wipe it multiple times with an anti-bacterial wip and my hands are raw and peeling from the constant washing. i waste about 3 to 4 hours a day going through cleaning routines...all the best to you! hope we both conquer this disorder.