Thursday, May 01, 2014

It's Birthday Party Time Again!

Our daughter Katrina is turning 8 in 2 weeks.  Our first plan was to NOT have a party and take the money and pay down our credit card - think cruise costs a lot-  Kat's party last year went wayyyy over budget!  It was a Pok√©mon party and I went all out with copying pokemon characters off the internet to put over our regular pictures, bot lots of stuff to do activities with and generally had a great deal of fun.  The plan was to put the pic's, the painted pokeball mobile etc. into her room as decorations since her butterfly room was getting babyish.  It took a while but we actually did do that, so I don't feel so badly about the high cost of that party.

Katrina, naturally, has other plans.  She wants a party!   So we decided on an art party.  I figured a few crafts, differently coloured cupcakes and some crafty stuff in loot bags.  We have LOTS of art supplies upstairs from past parties,  that if they got used up and out of my house would be wonderful!  Katrina also has lots of clay for creating things with and legos and other toys for kids to play with when we run out of ideas.

Then I looked up art party on the internet- hoping I'd get an idea or two.  I was shocked at how many people's kids love art parties and all the different foods, crafts, decorations etc.  My eyes started having that 'oooh, this could be FUN' gleam in them.  Bruce told me my budget hoping I'd stay within it.  Snicker :P   Actually, I do plan to not get too overboard.  We're making the cake this year; that will save 30 dollars right there and Katrina likes to bake with her dad!   We need to cull down all the different art activities and snack foods and come up with a couple of art--type activities for those active kids to run around.  I thought of a relay race where they dress up as an artist, run to a paper, draw a flower or something and come back, undress and next one runs.  But that's only 1 game.  Any ideas??   Bruce suggested an obstacle course but I haven't figured out how to make it art-related.  Again- any ideas??

So far I've made a sun catcher out of glue & food colour, finger painted using shaving cream & food colour and done some origami for the ninja star  and bangers (both found on youtube).  So my problem now is to cut out the activities that are more expensive or not working out, as I try them one at a time.

Tonight we are working on the cards.  I scoffed a pile of different coloured paint sample cards, had Bruce cut them in half lengthwise, knotted them together with a link-looking ribbon and put the info on the cards.  Cost:  $1.13 for the ribbon.  Katrina decided she wanted bird post to deliver these cards so she decided to make each one an origami bird to go with it.  So add to that $1. for origami paper, which I bought both for the party and for Katrina's use.  Keeps her entertained too...except that it's bed time now.

-picture of card: I wanted to add in a pic of the card   but I can't seem to get any pictures to get uploaded.  I push the picture button, push the upload button, open the picture I want, it uploads.  I select it to load into the blog and nothing happens- except a circle keeps going round and round on the window.  To close it, after 10 minutes of doing nothing I have to exit the internet.  I just don't get computers some days. 

Ocd news:  yest. I went to my exercise class but instead of wearing my gym shoes, I picked them up and carried them.  Doesn't sound like much, I know, but I still remember when I just HAD to wash my hands if I touched my shoes.  I didn't believe in laces anymore cause that meant touching my shoes.  I still like slip-ons just for laziness sake, and have for years but now I can - again- stick my figure into my heel to put my shoes on, or horrors!  pick shoes up by the heel, carry them outside, put them ON the seat of the car and without washing, drive the car to the gym, put them on and do my exercising.  A small thing, but oh so significant to me!  I remember when I couldn't stand having anyone's shoes accidently go on top of mine (think a pile of shoes just haphazardly thrown in a pile) at a party in case they had crud on their bottoms which would then magically get on my shoes and contaminate them.

My daughter is slowly progressing on her ocd path.  At therapy this week she finally made the connection that OCD (or Muck- as she calls it)  is what is telling her that fruit or veggies make her dirty.  So hopefully things will start moving along in her path to freedom from ocd.

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  1. Sounds like you've got some good art party ideas. You'll have to tell us how the party goes. :)