Thursday, August 02, 2012

A' Camping We Will Go

Today was spent shopping and packing for camp Algonquin.  We leave tomorrow( well, as it's after midnight, i guess it's today). 

You'd think OCD would have a picnic with me out camping.  But actually it doesn't.  Not anymore.  I remember a few yrs ago Bruce and I spent a couple of days in a cute little cabin in the Algonquin area.  Ocd ran that holiday.  It was brutal.  And I was INSIDE most of the time, not out where the dirt actually is.  Thank goodness it's not anywhere near that bad anymore. 

I will be fine until next Wednesday when my parents arrive.  Then I'll see how it goes.  I have told myself a story that my parents have mice in their basement/ house.  My dad will be bringing dried flowers and picture frames *probably* coming from somewhere in their basement.  So far i've told myself that any mice living there are probably feasting on a pile of wheat they have stored down there, so they are 'clean' mice, with no disease.  I could probably ask my dad if they have mice, but if he says no, i won't believe it anyway, so what's the point.  But why worry about something that's not going to happen for almost a week?

We are also taking the 2 dogs, so that will be a little stressful for me until everyone settles into a routine.  We bought a huge tent; no more falling over the mattress, trying to get dressed.  It's the biggest tent we've ever owned.  I also packed a pile of books- can't leave home without those!!!.  I prepared some meals already and froze them so i don't have to cook/ clean up so much. 

We hired some face painters to  come and paint all the kids and adults.  It's our birthday presents to all the kids.  4 out  of my 5 siblings will come with their kids.  We take up a cul-de-sac and so the kids can run freely from one site to the next.

I hope all of you are enjoying your summer!! 

Below: (2011)  Me sleeping with my owl face still painted on my head.  Bruce thot i was awake, staring at hime with the yellow eyes!


  1. That owl face just cracks me up--you do look like your eyes are open! I hope you have a fun and safe camping trip--it sounds like fun!

  2. Have fun! Sometimes I will ask my husband a question..for example when we had a plumbing leak and I wasn't home. I asked him if the plumber tracked water through the house and then I didn't believe him when he said no. He is very empathetic.. but he asked me why I would ask him a question if I wasn't going to believe the answer, and I had to admit it was a good point. Love the owl face and I hope this is a really good trip for you.