Monday, April 30, 2012

We found a Dog!

I'm so excited.  Yesterday we found our new dog!  She was tied up but didn't get aggressive or protective when we went over to touch her.  She let our 5 yr. old touch her too, so Katrina isn't afraid of her. 

We pick her up later this week.  So now I'm all flustered.  I need to get dog stuff, find a vet, find a groomer for the day we pick her up etc.  Fortunately it's not anxiety anxious.  Just the 'i don't know what to do first' excitement.  Maybe first i should sweep the kitchen floor so the dog doesn't think her main job will be to scrounge dropped popcorn.

I had looked for vets already.  There is one near our house who makes house calls.  That's when i 'remembered' that one thing i liked about going to the vet's before was LEAVING.  It was all clean when i went in and whatever they did to clean up after my visit was not my problem.  I DO have issues about chemicals and such.  This vet will do vaccinations etc., even small surgeries at my house which sounds ok cause then i don't have to be around sick animals but will he put his used syringe on my carpet?  Will he open the front door after using a syringe without washing his hands?  When he comes, will he have clean hands or will he have just finished disecting some other animal's poop and then come calling at my house?

He says all he needs is a table and a sink (laundry is ok.)  But my laundry sink is 'dirty' even tho it's been cleaned.  I wanted Bruce to get rid of it long ago and put a clean sink in, one that actually looks clean when it is cleaned.  One that won't leak rust on the floor.  Another expense. 

It would be a great ERP exposure, or it would make me go nuts.  Problem is I won't know which until I do it, but that will be too late.  Should i just play it safe and find a vet to go to?  It would be nice tho, to not have to pick up dog poop and put it in my car and bring it to the vet.  This way i could just leave it outside and the vet could pick it up on his way to the car.  Any suggestions?


  1. Congrats on your new family member :-)

  2. What did you decide? I hope you are enjoying your dog. I envy you. I travel too much now to have a pet again but I love dogs so much.

  3. We went to the pet rescue to look at another dog; we got all the particulars on that one and then they introduced us to Meeka and she was responsive and we fell in love...and we forgot to ask what kind of dog she is! oops. I think there's some collie and husky in her but that's only my guess. I've been waiting for 5 yrs until ocd settled to a dull roar and katrina grew up enuf to be ok with a dog. Meeka and katrina got along, which helped our decision.

    We get the dog wednesday; i went doggie shopping this afternoon :). Got leash, baggies, blankets i'm sewing into a bed i can throw into the washing machine if it gets peed on. The toys and food and fun stuff we'll get after the dog arrives.

  4. Congratulations! Your new furry friend looks so cute. Is that your daughter in the picture? What a sweetie.

    Hmmm . . . about your question. I think this is one of those things that you have to trust your instincts about. I see that there would be exposures for you in either case. And believe it or not, that really is a good thing for you. (I know - it sure doesn't feel like it!)

    Maybe you could ask yourself some questions: Which decision will bring me closer to my goal of getting better? Which decision is better for my dog? If I choose the "harder" option, do I have a plan for how to deal with all the exposures that will come my way from it? Can I break the exposures down into bite sized pieces so that I won't get overwhelmed by them, or can someone help me with them? Anyway, just some thoughts. Hope it helps. Enjoy your new pal!

  5. I'm excited for you! Meeka is such a sweetie, and I love the name. Is that your daughter? She is a sweetie too. So glad they like each other.

    Which vet? I've never had a vet come to the house, but there is a "portable" vet in our area--we just already have a vet we like. Perhaps you could literally write down the pros and cons of each? And you could wait to find out how Meeka likes traveling. If riding in the car is a problem, it would be nice to have a vet come to the house. I agree with Sunny--go with you instincts.

    Enjoy your new family member! Again, I'm really excited for you! :-)

  6. I agree with Tina. Weigh the pros a cons. I think you'll have exposurers either way. Meeka is adorable as well as your daughter. Congratulations!

  7. I take my kitties to the Vet because I don't like to have strangers(or their gross shoes) in my home. Most of the time I will take my antibacterial wipes in with me and wipe down the table before I sit one of them down on it, but being interested in the Vet Tech program I have shadowed a few Vets and the ones I've been to have been great about cleaning after each animal.

  8. Hey Karin! Haven't heard from you in a long time. Just checking in to see how you are doing. I hope you're well. : )